5 Software Testing Resolutions for 2021

testing Jan 21, 2021

2021 is my seventh year working as a Software Test Engineer, but the excitement remains the same as of day ONE.

There is always a lot to learn and explore. With the fresh start of 2021, I have written down some resolutions to reach even greater heights in the context of Software Testing.


It is always a good idea to keep a tab on your basics. Solid basics can take you a long way and creates a solid foundation for your career.

Good places to start are:


Hands-On development goes a long way. Apart from Automation, development helps in lot of things like Scripts to generate test data, Environment Setup, CronJob Scripts, Backups and lot more.
I would highly recommend trying out JavaScript/Java if you haven’t programmed in javascript/java before.

Good places to start are:

For programming practice:


I am sure that you have probably heard of agile by now. The agile method of software development is employed by many large MNC's within the software industry today. Agile is an incremental model under which developers and testers deliver constant value streams to users.

Agile methodology will keep your work, value oriented, predictable, measurable and under control.

Good places to start are:


Make 2021 where you introduce automated testing.
Automation is very important for a tester, as well as the organization since it reduces manual effort and a lot of workflows or repetitive work, can be tested automatically by the automation software. Automation can achieve a lot of things like Data generation, API testing, and Mobile app testing, Integration Testing, Backend Testing, and a lot more.

Excellent tools to start with are:


Continuous Delivery (CD) is the way to Build, Test, Configure, and Deploy software from a developer to a production environment with minimal effort. To deliver value to your end-users, you want to release frequently, rapidly, consistently, and without errors. For an open-source, alternative try Jenkins/Git Actions.

Good places to start reading are:

* Conclusion

Committing to an entire year resolution is not easy as we cannot predict change to our lives just like the year 2020, but we can always plan out something which will be good for us.
The SMART approach is the way to go:-
Creating Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely goals to hold them out until the top .

Remember not to Give up early in 2021.

Have a great year 2021 !!!